Fear & Trembling Magazine: Issue 51

Nemo / Pixabay

For issue 51 Fear & Trembling is pleased to present tales from Mark Silcox, M. T. Nagel, and Celesta Thiessen – each story is another great way to be creeped out on a cold night while you are all snuggled up in a nice warm blanket with a cup of warm cocoa.  Additionally, we’ve got some really big news:  the death of Fear & Trembling Magazine, along with it’s rebirth!

  • spectre

A Fixer-Upper

December 1, 2012
by Mark Silcox There’s more to spectres than meets the eye. ~*~It was the sort...
  • frog

Song of the Frogs

December 1, 2012
by M. T. Nagel Sometimes the things that comfort us turn on us. ~*~ Sam...
  • burning-sodom


December 1, 2012
by Celesta Thiessen When all else fails…run. ~*~ Jeff’s all fired up about this disease...
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